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Sponsor a Workshop

It’s not just kids and musicians—there’s a lot of folks behind the scenes that help us empower underrepresented voices! Ask us how you can financially sponsor a workshop in a local school program or adult program. 

Some of WAV’s most impactful moments have come as a result of teaming up with other non-profit organizations who have missions that align with ours. Would a creative, collaborative exercise in expression and empowerment be something that would add value to your current programming? We’re available to co-write grants and create programming partnerships that amplify impact.


Looking for a more hands on way to get involved, come be a part of one of our workshops or events! Whether helping serve at a fundraiser event, or lending your expertise to a creative workshop, there are many ways you can be a part of our mission. Follow the button below for more information on ways you can help!

"Everybody has a unique perspective that the world deserves to hear

WAV brings that to light.”

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