WAV (We Amplify Voices) brings together small groups of individuals. Led by a WAV team leader, and guest artists they are guided through a healing-centered creative process using art forms from songwriting, to visual art, to creative writing, to vocal performance and dance.


The conversations they have and the journeys they go through together are amplified to the broader community on WAV platforms.   

Our Roots

Formerly The Dick & Jane Project, WAV’s vision is to heal communities through art making. Founded as an after-school songwriting program by Columbus-based charter school administrator Ben Shinabery in 2011, WAV has since provided programming in over 30 Central Ohio schools, and 15 community programs serving between 250-350 individuals annually.

The Process

Professional local artists, who serve as group leaders, receive training from WAV staff, then lead students through a healing-centered creative process, that can involve anything from recording a radio quality song, to painting, to writing and performing poetry, to learning to sing, dance and perform 


WAV sessions focus on building self-esteem, character, and collaboration skills aligned to Social Emotional Learning strategies. Through interactive activities, small group discussions, meditation and mindfulness exercises and collaborative creativity, students get to know themselves and develop: respect for themselves and others; awareness of self and emotions; self-regulation skills; critical thinking and problem solving.




Our workshop starts with a simple question. What speaks to you? Our facilitators and artists guide each group through a creative process that forms a safe space to come together and share their experiences, emotions, and ideas with each other.