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"Before the workshop I didn’t know this girl, but then we made a song, and I found out things I would’ve never known because I would’ve never asked. It felt good because I could look at people a different way. If you just see the shell of someone it’s not who they are, it’s just how you see them.”


Help Us

We Amplify Voices with help from YOU.


Your contributions help us continue to bring our workshops to new communities throughout Central Ohio.


Join us in lifting up underrepresented voices, and creating safe spaces for open dialogue and healing.


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"Life Stories gave me my truth. It allowed me to get raw & real. Life Stories is my friend & my sister. I do not make this plural, because together, WE ARE ONE. Life Stories taught me what it looks like when you love yourself."

"Life Stories" participant from The Ohio Reformatory for Women 
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What We Do!

At We Amplify Voices, our mission is to heal communities through creative expression. 


We bring together artists to work with small groups of people in underserved communities around central Ohio. We work with adults and youth, from schools, community programs and prisons.

Inside of these safe spaces, our groups share, learn and grow together through healing-centered art making. 

We share the artwork they create and the stories behind them with the community through our social media, streaming platforms and art galleries, to inspire empathy, challenge misconceptions and spark meaningful conversations.

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