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Summer camp @ WAV

Our mission is to heal communities through creative expression.


We bring people together with artists to share their experiences, emotions, and ideas, and collectively turn those conversations into art.

Then, we amplify their stories to the broader community by sharing their songs, videos and artwork on local radio, streaming platforms and in public spaces to change hearts, minds and start meaningful conversations.


of participants are in underserved and under represented communities.


said WAV helped them to get along with different kinds of people in their group.


said WAV helped them to respond to another person's feelings in their group. 

We work with youth and adults across Central Ohio.

Our Platforms

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Instagram
  • Youtube

Our Partners

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We serve school age youth, teens and adults in recovery, women in prison, and survivors of human trafficking.

Our workshops provide a safe space and the tools needed for people to heal, grow, and find power in their own stories, one voice at a time.

"Before the workshop I didn’t know this girl, but then we made a song, and I found out things I would’ve never known because I would’ve never asked. It felt good because I could look at people a different way. If you just see the shell of someone it’s not who they are, it’s just how you see them.”
8th grade WAV alumni

To help out at special events and workshops


To support new workshops and expand our mission


To be a WAV artist or workshop leader

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