Participants gain empathy and respect for different life experiences, affirmation and validation of self-worth, and a fuller appreciation and recognition of their talents.


Schools benefit from improved motivation, attitude, and attendance and achieve stronger, more balanced educational outcomes. WAV provides opportunities for social and emotional learning, fulfilling a critical need in education.


WAV is committed to creativity and expression, which bolsters a more diverse arts community and a thriving creative ecosystem in Columbus. It’s a platform that gives rise to new voices, as well as offering an opportunity for professionals to connect with young talent. Additionally, our group workshop dynamic offers a safe space for participants to show up and share what they're going through in a safe space. The mindfulness and meditation practices learned during the workshop provide tools for them to continue their journey of self discovery after the workshop is over.

Our paid musicians celebrate the valuable influence of a youthful mindset, boast a tighter network of fresh ideas and proven expertise, and with students, create a shared language that brings people together.


While the end product of a WAV workshop is a radio ready song. The real purpose is to provide the students with an unforgettable social-emotional learning experience.


If we kept disagreeing, then we
wouldn't even have a song


we all found a way to compromise for it."


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