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Our workshops are about creating a safe space for a small group of individuals to come together and share their experiences, emotions, and ideas with each other.


Our groups connect with each other, listen to each other, learn from each other, and provide healing for each other. 

Formerly The Dick & Jane Project, WAV’s mission is to empower students through songwriting. Founded as an after-school music education program by Columbus-based charter school administrator Ben Shinaberry in 2011, WAV has since provided programming in over 25 Franklin County schools, serving between 80-150 elementary and middle school students annually.

Under the guidance of a team of professional musicians, producers, videographers, and visual artists, the group takes the content of their conversations and creates from it a professionally recorded song, a music video, and a visual artwork to accompany their song. These are then shared on all music and video streaming platforms to carry their message to the broader community. Working primarily in underrepresented communities, our mission is to lift up the voices in our circles to reach the larger community and continue the conversations that start inside of our workshops. 

WAV sessions focus on building self-esteem, character, and collaboration skills aligned to Social Emotional Learning strategies. Through interactive activities, small group discussions, meditation and mindfulness exercises, and music, students get to know themselves and develop respect for themselves and others; awareness of self and emotions; self-regulation skills; critical thinking, and problem-solving.


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