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We Amplify Voices presents


Four days a week, our talented facilitators lead a year-long arts-based youth program inside Columbus city middle schools. 


This program first began fall 2021 thanks to Cover My Meds & Columbus Rec & Parks, with a series of immersive workshops in Song Writing, Visual Art, & Creative Writing.


Thanks to The Ohio Department of Education, we added after school programs at Westmoor, Starling, Buckeye & Yorktown from September 2022 through May 2023.

We're excited about beginning our 2023-2024 youth programming.

"We can light up the darkness around us" - Tyriq, Westmoor MS

Our four facilitators Eric, Jessi, Chase & Kaleb led their groups daily in our after school creative centered programming


In the 2022-2023 school year the groups worked on an array of creative projects, from visual artworks, songwriting, making music videos, learning about and then planning an expressive performance. 


We also inspired and nurtured the groups creativity by bringing in local guest artists throughout the program to teach the students more in depth techniques.

Thanks to Franklinton Arts District's amazing visual artists, CATCO's talented art educators, our guest musicians and in house videographer for sharing their craft and knowledge with our groups. Giving them chances to express themselves creatively across different mediums.

Eric Rollin - Westmoor MS
Jessi Woods - Starling K-8
Chase Hurlow - Yorktown MS
Kaleb Ford - Buckeye MS
Crown Cover Hakim Callwood.jpg

'Crown' EP

featuring the voices of students from Yorktown MS, Buckeye MS, Wedgewood MS, Westomoor MS & Starling K-8
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Artwork by Hakim Callwood

Song's from 2021-2022 program year

"No Stopping Me" featuring

Wedgewood & Trek Manifest

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"All In" featuring

Starling & Miir

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No Stopping Me Art by Jantzen Ridenour
Art by Lucie Shearer
Art by Jonathan Elliott
Art by Ariel Peguero

"Lost Souls of Tomorrow" featuring Westmoor, Eric Rollin' & Miir

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  • Spotify
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"El Cambio"

featuring Hilltonia,

Ty Kalil & Cynthia Amoah