We Amplify Voices presents

A year long arts based project inside four West Side middle schools, Lead by our talented Programmers four days a week. 


The project began fall 2021, and will continue through spring of 2022, with a series of immersive healing-centered workshops in Song Writing, Visual Art, Creative Writing, Dance and Vocal Performance.


Made possible through generous support from Columbus Recreation & Parks Department and Cover My Meds.


Meet WTC Programmers 
Eric Rollin (Westmoor), Cynthia Amoah (Hilltonia), Joey Holbert (Wedgewood) & Ajanae Dawkins (Starling).

These talented artists will lead our programs over the entire project, and collaborate with guest artist instructors from MusicologieColumbus Dance TheaterChromedge934 Gallery and others. 

Starting in April, each group will design and carry out a community impact project, drawing connections between their own lived experiences and issues of social justice and equity impacting their neighborhoods. 

Next summer the project will culminate with a WTC Student Summit where all the students will gather to celebrate their creativity, and share and process their experiences.

They will showcase their work at a special event we’re hosting in the summer of 2022.

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Music Video feat. Starling Middle School & Artist MIIR