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We Amplify Voices presents

Tapestryville & Wheelersville are collaborative projects with a group of women from The Ohio Reformatory for Women, led by Charlotte McGraw.


Charlotte is a talented artist who works out of Goodwill Columbus' art studio, who we were lucky enough to meet through one of our song writing workshops with Goodwill in 2021. Charlotte is the creator of her own imaginative town, Charlottesville, where she is the mayor, welcoming any and everyone.


Her town is an imaginative place where differences are celebrated. Charlottesville residents are mixed media works of art, or creatures as she calls them. Each creature has a name, backstory and personality.

The women gathered to virtually connect with Charlotte to create their own "Ville's". Complete with scenery, shops and town residents.

Charlotte taught the women of The Ohio Reformatory her artistic process and has led them on a creative and heartwarming journey to creating their own towns, which the women have chosen to name Tapestryville and Wheelersville.

Once the groups finished their projects, we were able to bring Charlotte in person to meet each group of women she created this art with through zoom sessions. It was beautiful to see them connect and come together through creativity.

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