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We Amplify Voices presents

'Songs for Survivors'

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Featuring the voices of four groups to raise awareness of those impacted by domestic violence and the power of healing through art

'Songs for Survivors' is a project in collaboration with ODVN, with the purpose of amplifying the voices of those impacted by domestic violence, with an inside look on the process of healing through art. 

Connecting their groups with our artists to write four original songs, representing each group, speaking from their perspectives and journeys.

A group of young children, a teen group, advocates from Artemis ODVN, and a group of ORW Turning Point survivors.


This project also includes intimate interviews with ODVN staff, participants and artists releasing in October in support of Domestic Violence Awareness month. 

The EP featuring all four songs, releases November 1st on all streaming platforms.

Special thanks to Ohio Arts Council for supporting this project.


Art Therapist Tom Henicak 

explains how art is a direct pathway to self

ODVN's Sonia Ferencik 

describes how there is 

healing in just being present

with another person

the songs

"We Can See You"

featuring Turning Point

ORW Alumni 

& Carly Fratianne

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
"Not Alone"

"Not Alone" featuring

Teen Advisory Council of Knox & Dom Deshawn

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

"Catch Your Spark"

featuring Artemis Advocates 

& Mery Steel

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
LivingFree_April Sunami.jpg

"Living Free" featuring

Turning Point &

Grant Kendricks

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music

About ODVN

Hear how working with survivors has impacted the lives of those who advocate for them

The Process

Featuring the teen group workshop - "Not Alone" with Dom Deshawn - The teen advisory council of Knox county, or TAC of Knox. This group is a youth led prevention team, their message is to engage, encourage and empower.

Hear from ODVN Staff Lindsey, WAV facilitator Lily, and songwriter Dom for an inside look on the songwriting process with the TAC group.

Featuring the youth group workshop - "Living Free" with Grant Kendricks at ODVN's Turning Point. 

Hear from ODVN Staff Shelly, WAV facilitator Lily and songwriter Grant, on the process of writing this upbeat and positive song.

Healing Through Art

Support Spotlight

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