All WAV workshops are guided by Social & Emotional Learning practices and are first and foremost designed to create a safe space for participants. 


check-ins and guided, trauma-informed exercises in mindfulness and meditation, students come together to share experiences, emotions, and ideas, and to collectively turn those conversations into art.

These sessions are centered on developing self-esteem, confidence, character, and collaboration. 


I think music for me is like a relief. When I’m going through something it helps me think more, it helps me calm down.

it actually makes me want to keep going.”

Student from
Hilltonia Middle School

The goal of We Amplify Voices is to use the expressive, healing power of the arts and principle of connectivity to build stronger relationships and foster deeper conversations within our community.

Community Programing

These workshops will extend the same methods and goals of the youth programming into underserved communities, incorporating trauma and Social Emotional Learning informed techniques to fulfill our program’s mission.

These workshops will create open and safe environments for participants, and provide them tools to communicate effectively, collaborate, and find power in their own voices.

We always work hand in hand to tailor our program offerings to best meet the needs and goals of the individuals with whom we are working.  
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