Tiffany's Digital Portfolio

How do you see yourself: 

At first I may come off as shy and quiet but once I get comfortable I joke around a lot  I'd like to think I'm smart even though at times I do dumb things.


Favorite things to do:

Listen to music,draw and roller skate 



Hi im Tiffany McVay

Next year I will be going to the 8th grade at Wedgewood middle school ,I took private piano lessons at the conservatory for piano,worthington ohio,for 7 years(started at 5 but stopped at 12)

After that I took private vocal lessons at the same place but that didn't last due to covid 

Along with that I was selected for the Columbus city choir. I’ve also done three school choirs.I also really enjoy drawing and messing around with my hair color


Something I wish for in the future:

I’d really like to learn how to play the drums or guitar I’d also like to become a hairstylist 


Something else I’d like to say:

Hey there