How do we go from raw inspiration to a radio-ready song? We work in waves. What starts with a single line has the power to transform lives, families, and even communities.


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living proof

Living Proof was written together with over 100 of the women in the Tapestry program at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. The Tapestry program is for women in recovery. It has been a powerful source of transformation inside ORW for over 25 years, changing countless lives with its healing culture of love, acceptance and family.


It was written over the course of several months of sessions. During that time we were welcomed into the lives and community of Tapestry with open arms. In our discussion groups, the women shared their stories and struggles with raw honesty and vulnerability, and a deep wisdom that came from years of working intensely on themselves with the support of the Tapestry program.


They wanted the song we wrote to express their resilience in the face of adversity. Their shared goal to be the Living Proof that it is possible to overcome all of their struggles and histories. Every word of this song was revised and debated endlessly by the whole group. It had to say EXACTLY where they have been and where they wanted to go.


The artwork was created with artist Aimee Wissman who is a returning citizen. The vision was a powerful phoenix woman who had gone through the fires of life, and emerged unbroken from the ashes. The butterflies behind her were painted by the women as their signatures, each one unique, with its own personality and story.

In a devastating turn of events, the Tapestry program abruptly had its funding cut and all programming cancelled in March 2020. The heroic staff that made this program possible , have done everything in their power to still support their sisters from outside of the prison through weekly zoom calls. Since being cancelled, the Tapestry women have been the only program inside ORW to continue to practice their program with each other. It is a testament to how deep this program goes. It goes beyond the structure around it. It is family on a blood level.


We Amplify Voices (WAV) is a non-profit based in Columbus, Ohio. WAV hosts collaborative workshops where we bring together small groups of individuals to have a conversation. Then we partner them with professional producers to write and record radio-ready songs from their conversation. Since 2010, we have amplified over 2000 voices in Central Ohio.


WAV uses music as a catalyst to inspire students to find their point of view, share their perspective, and make a difference in their city.



of students served were in At Risk or Special Needs schools.


of our students strongly agree that WAV helped them understand how they use their creativity 


strongly agree that they liked the WAV group work


of students strongly felt that they had creative talents after attending a WAV experience

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