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We Amplify Voices presents

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The voices of Goodwill's Adult Day Services program

We first worked with Goodwill back in 2021, with a songwriting workshop featuring Stephanie Amber & Adam Darling of Honey and Blue. The song they created together is called, "You Lift Me Up".


In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the group and those they connect with every day, we conducted interviews with staff and a few of the participants in the program. 

Then in 2022 we gladly returned to lead more workshops, this time with three groups, featuring three artists. The songs created feature Nicholas D'Andrea, Mery Steel and Eric Rollin who used their voices to share the groups perspectives through song.


We compiled all of our songs with Goodwill on an EP titled, "Never Get Low". Featuring an acoustic version of "You Lift Me Up". 

Never Get Low.jpg

"Never Get Low" EP:

Collection of Four Songs with Goodwill Columbus

feat. Nicholas D'Andrea, Mery Steel, and an acoustic

version of "You Lift Me Up" featuring

Stephanie Amber & Adam Darling from Honey & Blue.

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Artwork by Charlotte McGraw

"You Lift Me Up" (feat. Honey & Blue)

our first song with Goodwill

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Lift Me UP artist Charlotte McGraw Helen Taylor Jane Taylor 2021.jpeg

Artwork by Charlotte McGraw,

Helen Taylor and Jane Taylor

"You Lift Me Up"

"Never Get Low" EP

Goodwill Individuals