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We Amplify Voices presents

"Raised My Wings"


Featuring voices of Women from the CATCH Court program

"Raised My Wings" (feat. CATCH Court staff Gwen England & Caroline Moore) out now on all streaming platforms !

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Artwork by Kirsta Niemie Benedetti

The CATCH songwriting workshop collaborated over 10 weeks with the members of the CATCH Court graduating class, a two-year diversion program for female human trafficking survivors. 

They worked alongside the WAV workshop team to write and record an original song together, which they ultimately titled "Raised My Wings". The title of the song representing what this group of women have worked so hard to do, raise their wings and rise out of their circumstances. The group requested two of the CATCH staff, Gwen and Caroline, to sing their anthem. 

Below you will find their stories, and through intimate interviews, learn about misconceptions of human trafficking and more. Also featured local support services for victims of violence and organizations that help create a positive social impact in our community.
We are honored to have been a part of this group's journey.

"Raised My Wings"

On the Song

The Women of CATCH